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Style GK Ltd was set-up in August 2021 by Ollie and Daniel on the back of a discussion where neither could find a Goalkeeper supplier who was both reliable and affordable. Following the conversation, a spark ignited and a new dream was formed in the shape of Style GK.

Both Ollie and Daniel have been Goalkeepers in non-league football, playing at Step 5 and below respectively. This footing gave them the knowledge and ideas to design a supplier who would go the extra mile for their Goalkeepers and Customers to ensure they received the best possible service. 

After the pair's discussions about how to make Style GK unique, they decided upon creating gloves with one simple purpose... to look good without losing quality. 


We have more plans and designs to try out in the near future so even if our current stock doesn't take your fancy, come back in a few months and chances are, we'll have something for you. 


Cheap Goalkeeper Gloves
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